Photography nut, pretty much always dressed in black (I dress for the weather) and your biggest photography advocate.  

For over 13 years, I’ve provided unforgettable photography experiences to couples and families to create awe-inspiring photos – the kind of photos that make you want to say, "Is that really me?!"

I'm Elenora

I make REAL people look REALLY good.


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This or That

If you don't remember anything else, THIS is what I really want you to know: I am able to effectively make everyone - even the most reluctant, camera-shy subjects – feel confident and comfortable in front of my lens AND look great. My promise to you: you WILL feel amazing and your photos will reflect that. (My reviews are proof!) 


Whether it’s a simple headshot, family photo or all the intimate moments of your wedding day, my contagious excitement and sense of humour will rub off on you and your group; you’ll get a happy dance from me (literally) that will uplift you and your people. Our session together will be FUN and your smiles genuine.


If I can teach Romeo and Juliet to a class of 45 Grade 10 students – 5 girls, the rest boys (true story) – and have them wanting more, I can handle the needs of your particular photography session. I’m no stranger to efficiency, organization, time management, planning, support, communication and people skills, making everyone feel at ease while we work towards an end-goal.  


As pretty much the youngest in a very large Italian family and having a large family of my own (4 kids, the youngest being twins), I have the experience of knowing what everyone aged 0-99 wants and needs out of a session. I can see things from the perspective of your parents, partner, kids, grandparents, friends ... and will be your experienced guide as we factor those variables into your session so that everyone can be happy. Yes, that IS possible. Doesn’t that provide you with relief?  

4. I AM "SEASONED"  ;) 

In fact, a wedding client once suggested I change the name of the business to “We Get $hit Done”, but
J E M M A N will do. Your shot list? We’re going to smash it and still have time to spare. 

5.  I make things happen 

Top 5 Things to know about me

Yes, I got the two-for-one deal with these gals (they're fraternal twins) - and I wouldn't change a thing, not even for one hot minute.  These two help keep me in check, make me laugh so hard I can't breathe and are always down for some honest, real conversation.  You may even meet one or both assisting on shoots!

My girls

The "N" and one of the "M"s in JEMMAN Photography

These three are the reason I can handle unwilling subjects, goofballs and sarcasm.  Can't you just tell from this photo?

My boys

"J" , "A" and the other "M" in JEMMAN Photography

This guy keeps me company during editing marathons and can be counted on for an excited hello even if I've only been gone 3 minutes. 

My pup

Louie, the studio mascot

The rockier and windier the better for walking and beach-combing.  A total of 12 years spent on the east coast (Canada and U.S.) makes me yearn for the salt air and ever-changing tides.  I'm never as happy as I am when at the beach.

The Beach

Barking Sands Beach, Kauai

Some of My Favourite things

You’ve gotten to this review looking for a photographer. You can stop looking! Elenora took photos of us giving us tips, tricks, and so many laughs to make these pictures light and full of laughter, with all of the emotions. Everything was relaxing and comfortable like we'd known each other our whole lives. We cannot recommend her enough!"

-Liandra & Scott 

Even if you’re camera shy she will capture you in ways you could never have imagined! ... Everything is just so fun and efficient. Words cannot express how amazing Elenora is. "

-Josee & Eric 

Photography was a priority for us and Elenora was worth every penny. Hiring Elenora was the single best decision we made. She captured the day so beautifully and worked so well with our families. Our photos are absolutely breathtaking. Our album is so thoughtfully planned and arranged and will be a treasured keepsake."

-Olivia & Josh 

She is incredible. The images Elenora captured are stunning! She helped us bring our wedding vision to life. She played a major role in keeping our friends and family in the loop of the events during our day."

-Kate & Jack

From capturing the perfect lighting, to capturing candid moments, to positioning you just right ... I will tell you right now, if you want pictures that are going to blow you away, book Elenora RIGHT NOW! I promise, you will be so happy you did!"

-Isabelle & Marc

What Elenora does on her side of the camera as far as making you comfortable and confident is what I believe really sets her apart. Elenora is simply the best photographer you could book for your wedding."


... resulting in very natural pictures. She is professional and FUN! Her creativity and vision is spot on, as we did all of the pictures on our property and they all turned out amazing!

-Cyndi & Matt

We were in safe hands!  Thanks to Elenora's leadership and efficiency, we got the photos we wanted and didn’t lose any time with our guests. Her experience and professionalism shines through, which allowed us to relax and have the best day of our lives! You won’t be disappointed!"

-Coline & Chris

Elenora captured our day perfectly!  She was able to assist us with posing when needed but was also able to stand back and capture candid moments.  I felt extremely confident in our photos and process. We are SO happy with all of our final images!  

-Krystal & Brian

Reach out with all of your questions and what you're envisioning for your special day.

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