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If you’re looking for a premium wedding experience, white-glove service and like the idea of dancing the night away in a grand ballroom, then Chateau Laurier Weddings in Ottawa is for you.   


bride and groom in Major's Hill Park with the Chateau Laurier wedding venue in the background


About Fairmont Chateau Laurier Weddings – Ottawa’s Urban Castle

The Chateau Laurier Hotel is one of Ottawa’s most iconic, historic landmarks.  This French style chateau with its Tiffany stained-glass, dormer windows, limestone walls, copper roof and conical turrets was recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981.  Right in the downtown core, the Chateau Laurier is literally steps away from some of the capital’s most important landmarks.  You will find Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, the National Gallery of Canada, the Byward Market, the National War Memorial all within walking distance.  A stay at this hotel is the perfect choice for your out-of-town wedding guests.  Or for you and your partner if you plan to honeymoon or “staycation” in the nation’s capital city!

DID YOU KNOW? After its construction, the official opening of the Chateau Laurier Hotel was delayed in 1912 because the commissioner of the build, Charles Melville Hays, died on the Titanic on his way to Canada for the grand opening.


Fairmont chateau laurier weddings – experts & convenient Getting Ready accommodations

The Chateau Laurier is part of the Fairmont chain of hotels.  They really know what they’re doing when it comes to hospitality and events.  You’re in good hands with their wedding team.  Their “Intimate” or “Grand” Packages offer exceptional culinary experiences with unique touches and white glove service. 

Accommodations are included in packages or are offered at a reduced rate.  You will find getting ready at The Chateau Laurier extremely convenient.

PRO TIP: If you can manage it, I strongly recommend investing in one of the Chateau’s amazing Suites for getting ready.  The Presidential Suite or Prime Minister’s Suite are favourites.  The suites are well-appointed with lush, elegant furnishings.  They offer ample space for hair and makeup prep.  Most of all,  you will have a convenient retreat on your wedding day when you just need a break.   

WARNING: Parking is currently a challenge.  You will need to research and provide nearby options for your guests in advance of your wedding day.

a bride admiring her wedding dress in the window of the Prime Minister suite on her Chateau Laurier wedding daya bride with her bridesmaids in robes drinking champagne on the bed in the Prime Minister's suite of the Chateau Laurier wedding venuea bride is assisted for her Chateau Laurier wedding by her bridesmaids in navy dresses closeup details of a bride's dress and earringscloseup photo of a white bridal bouqueta bride looking out the window in the Prime Minister's Suite as she gets ready for her Chateau Laurier weddinga bride having an intimate moment with her dad and sister before her Chateau Laurier wedding ceremony begins



You can host your Chateau Laurier Wedding indoors or outdoors based on your style preference and guest count.  The terrace is the Chateau’s outdoor ceremony option.  You will enjoy views of Parliament, the Ottawa River, Canal and Major’s Hill Park.  Nothing says “Ottawa” more than that view as you exchange your “I Do’s”.   

PRO TIP:  It can get really windy on the terrace.  You’ll need to factor that into your plan for decor (and hairstyling!).

a bride and groom exchanging rings during their Chateau Laurier wedding ceremony on the terracea large group photo of a bride and groom with all their guests cheering on the terrace of the Chateau Laurier hotelbride and groom with their family taken outside of the Chateau Laurier wedding venue



The Chateau Laurier is my absolute favourite location for wedding photography in Ottawa. 

Outdoors, you will have endless opportunities for wedding photos.  Every angle and side of the castle is wonderful.  Popular spots are:

  • the arches and columns on Mackenzie Avenue
  • the upper and lower terraces along the canal
  • the rearface of the hotel from Major’s Hill Park

PRO TIP:  Slip on a pair of comfortable walking shoes and you’ll also have

  • the Rideau Canal locks and stairways to Canal Lane
  • Senate Building
  • York Steps and
  • Plaza Bridge  

Yes, you may need to hustle and your photographer may need to work around tourists (year-round), but the results are so worth it!

PRO TIP:  there is actually very little natural light indoors at the Chateau.  Be sure your wedding photographer is prepared in advance.  He or she will need a solid command of low-light photography.  A+ if they can use off-camera flash creatively to make all the amazing locations sing for you in your wedding photos!  

closeup details of a groom's boutonniere and cuff linksa portrait of a groom in a light grey suit as he waits for his Chateau Laurier wedding ceremony to begina bride and groom hugging and kissinga bride and groom walking hand in hand by Major's Hill Park in Ottawa


The chateau laurier ballrooms & event rooms

The Chateau Laurier is best known in Ottawa for its lavish French renaissance-inspired grand ballrooms. Each ballroom has a unique look and feel.  You will have all the glam you might be wanting on your wedding day in each of these ballrooms:

  • The Ballroom – A Renaissance-style ballroom dating back to 1912 – think “Bridgerton” style vibes
  • The Adam Room – Beautifully blue, this room is also known as the “Wedgwood” or “Oval” Room because of its distinct shape
  • The Laurier Room – A formal, classic ballroom with easy access to the terrace and some of the best views of Ottawa

If a ballroom is beyond the scale of what you’re envisioning, the hotel also has a variety of event rooms to fit any size and style of wedding.

bride and groom first dance in the Laurier Room of Chateau Laurier Weddings venue


Chateau Laurier Weddings

Book your wedding day at Ottawa’s Castle wedding venue, Chateau Laurier Weddings.  You will be guaranteed a regal experience.

Since you are considering one of my personal favourite Ottawa wedding venues – we may be a fit for wedding photography too!  View my Chateau Laurier wedding galleries and reach out here if you’d like to start a conversation!  See you at the Castle!

a bride and groom hugging with the scene of the Chateau Laurier weddings venue in the background

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